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Terms and Conditions

Hudson Valley Reptile Expo
Greater Binghamton Reptile Expo
Capital Region Reptile Expo
Vendor Terms and Contitions


  All tables are 8 ft. long by 30" wide.  Each table will receive 2 folding chairs and 2 vendor passes that can be picked up at vendor registration the morning of the show.
  There will be no refunds with less than 30 days notice prior to the show unless the table can be re-sold.  Set-up will be from 6:00am-9:15am the morning of the show.
  Vendors are responsible for providing extension cords and power strips to provide electric for their tables. All tables will be within 40 ft. of an electrical supply.
  There are 3 locations in which to load and un-load. When you arrive there will be staff waiting to assist you with which entrance will work best for your needs. Please notify us of any special needs or circumstances that you may have.
  Free load and un-load help will be available at the request of the vendor.
  Vendors will also receive free parking.


 All vendors must have a State of NY Sales Tax Permit that must be received by us 15 days prior to the show.
  If you do not have a Sales Tax Certificate call (800) 972-1233 to have an application for a "Certificate of Authority for Show and Entertainment Vendors" sent to you or visit to download a copy.
  This certificate must be displayed at your vendor table and vendors without permits may not sell!

   We must strictly adhere to all N.Y.S laws and guidelines regarding sales.
* No native NY herps may be sold or displayed! Please contact us if you have questions with regards to which species are native to NY
* No venomous or de-venomized reptiles allowed
* All turtles and tortoises must be at least 4" long
* No crocodilians
* No Burmese or Indian pythons, Anacondas, White throat or black throat monitors,Reticulated, African Rock. This is prohibited by NYS
* All animals must be sold in secured containers or bags
*  Any animal deemed unhealthy or unsuitable by the show staff will be removed
*  We recommend that vendors get their own general liability insurance and list herpnerds as an additional insured.

Only Animals and products stated at the time of registration are allowed. If you wish to bring other animals or products it must be requested via email to Mark Wallen or Jen Jones, and they must confirm via email that it is ok. Any animal or product not on the registration or that does not have approval may/will be removed from the show. 

Tables are are to be used by the registering vendor. If you wish to share any of your tables with another vendor you must request permission via email to Mark Wallen or Jen Jones, and they must confirm via email that it is ok. Any vendor that comes to the show who is not registered will be asked to leave.

  All purchases that involve live reptiles must accompany a copy of the NY State Salmonella Warning flyer. We will have copies on hand at registration if needed.

  Herpnerds and its affiliates, promoters of the show, and the Show venue are rendered harmless from all claims from vendors beyond the table rental fee.
  Vendors assume full responsibility for animals brought to the show. Any injury of any animal or person is the responsibility of the vendor.


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